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La compañía fue establecida en el 1948 por Ferdinando (Nando) Trabattoni, que fue un productor de grabados como punzones por marcas de fabrica y acuñacion de medallas.

Desde la unión de sus tres hijos Flavio, Alberto y Giancarlo, la firma ha crecido costantemente, actualizando continuamente con maquinarias modernas. En 1974 la compañía se volvió en S.L., tomando el nuevo nombre de "FNT Figli Di Nando Trabattoni. S.r.l.”. Actualmente emplea 25 personas.

FNT es lider en diseño y fabricación de moldes en metal para grabar madera.

FNT produces a large variety of products from different typologies.

The majority of our products concern the embossing of wood.

FNT is world leader in designing, creation and production of roller-moulds for embossing of solid wood, MDF, wood pulp, plastic and WPC for the production of frame mouldings, ornamental mouldings, pelmets, furniture decorations, ornamental mouldings for ceiling.

A new production concerns the accomplishment of roller-moulds in steel for hot embossing of parquet boards, veneers, decorative panels, matchboards, deckings, fencings, coffins and caskets, skins, textiles and wallpapers.

• Moulds/dies for embossing of MDF fiber and MDF solid panels (post-forming technology) to produce interior doors (doorskins).

• Moulds/dies for embossing on aluminium and iron sheets to produce panels for exterior doors.

• Moulds/dies for embossing of MDF panels, chipboard, plywood, fibre glass, carbon, plastic, polyurethane, polystyrene, melamine for furniture parts.

• Moulds/dies for embossing of elements on pre-shaped solid wood (by means of copy-lathes, pantograph or numerical control machines) for furnitures, chairs and tables, consoles, boiseries, mirror frames and other furniture decorations.

• Moulds/dies for embossing of coffins and caskets on different kind of plane solid wood or pre-shaped panels (by means of copy-lathes, pantograph or numerical control machines).

• Moulds/dies to bend laminated wood used for the production of elements for chairs and furnitures.

• Moulds/dies for cheap wood and reject material to recycle (corn, cotton, aloe, vegetable fibers, etc…).

• Moulds/dies in aluminium for production of snowboards and water skies.

CNC third party working. Production of high precision components with complex shapes, used in fields of telecommunication , electrical and mechanical.

Production of programs for rough-shaping and finishing manufacturings on solid wood.

• 3D probing of any kind of model through latest generation scanners.

trabattoni macchinari

• 6 milling machine with automatic copying tools

• 5 manual milling machines for auxiliary works

• hydraulic cold and hot presses for testing purposes

• many other production auxiliary tools (2 manual lathes, 2 column drilling machines, etc.)

• overhead travelling crane up to 10 tons

• fork lift up to 6 tons

All the designing is entirely carried on inside the FNT technical office through the use of the most advanced CAD/CAM software.

Reverse Engineering through optical scanning and contact probing.

ufficio tecnico

Eventos y Fieras

FNT expone todos los años a las más importantes ferias comerciales de sector, inherente a su producción.





During October FNT exhibits to INTERMOB that takes place in Istanbul (Turkey). Marketing: Wood technologies

Next edition: 10 - 14 October 2020



nwfa expo



During April FNT exhibits to NWFA Wood Flooring Expo that takes place in Milwaukee (Wisconsin - USA). Marketing: Technologies for wood flooring industries.

Next edition: 28 - 30 April 2020





During May (odd years) FNT exhibits to LIGNA that takes place in Hannover (Germany). Marketing: Wood technologies.

Next edition: 10 - 14 May 2021



 Logo Lesdrevmash


During October (even years) FNT exhibits to LESDREVMASH that takes place in Moscow (Russia). Marketing: Wood technologies.

Next edition: 19 - 22 October 2020






logo made

During March (odd years) FNT exhibits to MADE EXPO that takes place in Milan (Italy). Marketing: Architecture, Design, Building industry.

Next edition:  17 - 20 March 2021







During May (even years) FNT exhibits to XYLEXPO that takes place in Milan (Italy). Marketing: Wood technologies.

Next edition: 26 - 29 May 2020





During November (odd years) FNT exhibits to WOODEX that takes place in Moscow (Russia). Marketing: Wood technologies.

Next edition: 30 November - 3 December 2021


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